Research is a collaborative endeavor.
    Why not benefit from your collaborative output?

    Introducing Enago Group Account - tailored for research teams or laboratories. Sign up and enjoy deeper discounts as your collective output increases, and avail a streamlined payment process and exclusive benefits.

    Why Should You Choose Enago Group Account?

    Streamlined order and payment

    Easy management by group admin with hassle-free payment processes

    Flexible management

    Admin can add new members and manage exiting members with one click. Admin privileges can be transferred to a member at any time

    Autonomy for members

    Each member can use their account independently from the admin. Only you and the admin can see your assignment and fee details.

    Privacy and security

    Members can enable the Special Privacy Option to hide their uploaded files from the admin.

    Who Can Use the Group Account


    University Research Groups


    Members of Academic Societies


    Laboratory Collectives


    Group of Friends/Acquaintances

    Switch to Enago Group

    Easy transfer: We guarantee the same benefits and better service!
    If your team are already using a group discount from another company, you can seamlessly transfer to our Group Account while retaining your current benefits!

    Simply create an Enago Group Account and email us at with details of your current group discount rate and other benefits. We will customise your Group for you!

    Trusted by Universities and Research Institutes Worldwide

    • University of Southern California
    • Sorbonne University
    • Tec De Monterrey
    • University of Maryland
    • Technical University of Vienna
    • Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    • University of Bonn
    • Universitas Indonesiaz
    • Sapienza University
    • Chulalongkorn University

    The Enago Advantage

    rewards club discount

    Group Discount Increases with the Number of Total Papers

    • Every Enago service ordered by Group members, including editing, translation, and Publication Support services, is considered an assignment.
    • All Group members benefit from the same Group discount rate.
    • You can apply Rewards Club Loyalty Discount when placing orders through your Group Account

    Total assignment numberGroup account discount rateRewards Club Loyalty Discount rateTotal discount rate
    2-5 orders3%2-5%
    Gold Member 5% Silver Member 3% Bronze Member 2%
    6-10 orders5%7%-10%
    11-15 orders8%10%-13%
    16 orders or more10%12%-15%

    *The total number of orders includes all paid services but exclude any after-sales services.

    Introducing Enago Group Account

    Easy to Use, Total Control
    As the Group Admin you have control and total oversight over your group’s activities (Anyone can choose to become an admin – lab heads, senior professors, managing editors or standalone researchers).
    • Add/delete members
    • Oversee each member’s projects and delivery status
    • Verify files
    • Track expenses and payment history
    • Decide payment method – advance or monthly
    • Transfer admin rights, if need be
    • Talk to your dedicated account manager any time (available for larger groups)
    Flexible Invoicing and Payments*
    • Enago Group Account lets you discontinue with advance payments.
    • Choose to pay once a month with a monthly invoice for all your orders
    Confidentiality of Unpublished Research
    • Enago Group Account gives you the option to hide your uploaded files from the group admin
    • This feature is enabled by default and you can modify it through MyPage > Edit Profile

    Avail the Full Range of our Author Services
    From your Group Account


    Editing Services

    High-quality manuscript editing and formatting services to maximize your chances of getting accepted in international peer-reviewed journals.
    Opt for either of our two service-levels:
    • Substantive Editing: Specifically tailored to the needs of the global research community, including authors looking to submit their work to high-impact peer-reviewed journals.
    • Copy Editing: Designed for quality-conscious authors. Manuscripts submitted to this service are returned free of language errors (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) and appropriately formatted.

    Publication Support

    Publishing impactful research can present a number of challenges. At Enago, we have special services to help you at every stage of the publication process.
    • Journal Selection
    • Pre-Submission Peer Review
    • Formatting and Artwork Editing
    • Journal Submission
    • Re-Submitting Revised/Rejected Papers
    • Plagiarism Check

    Translation Services

    Publish-ready translation services, led by Ulatus. Language and subject-matter experts (specializing in your field of study) work on your paper
    • Specialized academic translation services available
    • Get your translated papers language- edited by professional editors to create a publish-quality document
    • Experience across all major academic and scientific disciplines, including medicine, life sciences, physics, economics and humanities
    • 200,000+ translation clients globally

    Research Impact Services

    We provide a variety of services to support presentations and outreach in English to help you increase the impact of your research.
    • Conference Posters and Research Posters
    • Research presentation material
    • Media Submissions and Twitter Posts
    • Papers Ray Summary
    • Video Abstract

    Expert Editors From Your Subject Area

    Still Have Questions

    What is Enago Group Account?+

    Enago Group Account is designed for researchers to come together and use our author services as a group, to avail attractive discounts and benefits.

    How many members are required to form a group?+

    As few as 2 people can form a group. There’s no upper limit. More members can be added at any time by the Group Admin. The more the members, the more the usage thus leading to higher benefits for the group.

    How do I switch from advance payment to monthly billing under the Group Account?+

    Group members can directly email us at at any time. Our team will be happy to assist you.

    How do I register for Enago Group Account?+

    Registration for the Group Account is absolutely free and takes less than 2 minutes. Click here to register your group. For any special requirements, email us at

    Who is the Group Admin? How does the Admin control the activities of the entire group?+

    The person who registers the group automatically becomes the Group Admin. The Admin can add/delete members, oversee each member’s projects, verify files, track payments and much more. Click here to see everything an Admin can do within a group.

    I have a few special requirements for my group. Can Enago Group Account accommodate them?+

    Yes. If there are any special requirements for your group, please feel free to share them with us at We will schedule a call with you to understand your request.

    What happens after I register?+

    The person who registers the group automatically becomes the Group Admin. The Group Admin needs to add just one more group member to start availing Group Account benefits. Every subsequent order placed by the group members will be subject to Group Account benefits.

    How can I avoid advance payment at the time of order? What does monthly billing involve?+

    Instead of the usual advance payments, Group Account members can all pay their dues together, through one invoice every month. This facility is available for high usage groups

    What can group members do if they have any questions/concerns?+

    Group members can directly email us at at any time. Our team will be happy to assist you.

    Who can register for the Group Account?+

    Absolutely anyone can register for a Group Account – laboratory or university research groups, members of academic societies, editors and authors at a journal, even groups of friends and acquaintances.

    Can I submit my manuscript individually and not through my group account?+

    Yes. You can submit through your individual membership ID instead of your group ID. To order individually, please select your individual membership ID either in your inquiry form or while logging in to your MyPage account if you’re placing your order through your MyPage. If you are a new client, you can order a service through our inquiry form.