Top Impact Scientific Editing

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    Who is this service recommended for?


    Authors who aim to publish their research in high Impact Factor journals

    Authors who seek advice from experts with editing/review experience in high IF journals like Nature,* Cell,* or The Lancet.

    Authors who want to shorten their peer review period by identifying and addressing the potential problems in the manuscript before submission

    Key Features of Top Impact Scientific Editing


    3 Editor

    One scientific editor and two native English-speaking editors will edit your manuscript. 


    Top Impact Scientific Report

    Get a mock peer review report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. 


    Plagiarism Check by iThenticate

    We run a plagiarism check on your manuscript and provide a report with actionable suggestions.


    Quality Assurance Check

    An expert reviewer for high impact factor journals will review your manuscript and suggest improvements.


    Journal Revision Support

    Get unlimited times of revision support during journal peer review up to 365 days after delivery. 

    The Enago Promise

    “The Enago Promise” guarantees that a manuscript edited by us will never be rejected on the basis of poor language. On a rare occasion if rejection occurs, we will take full responsibility of re-editing the paper for resubmission at no additional cost. Our stringent systems and processes, professional editors, and in-house quality management system help us in delivering this promise to our authors.

    Journals where papers were accepted after using Top Impact English Proofreading

    IF (Impact Factor): Indicator for 2020-2023

    Carefully selected proofreaders responsible for Top Impact English proofreading

    Expert QA editors


    Top Impact
    Scientific Report

    Plagiarism Report
    & Cover Letter

    Service Deliverables

    Scientific Developmental Editing and Language Review [3 Editors]

    Top Impact Scientific Editing begins with a rigorous examination of your manuscript by a working researcher specializing in the subject of your paper. They will bring their knowledge and experience to offer you practical suggestions to improve your research presentation. Our scientific editors have edited or reviewed for high IF journals including Nature*, NEJM*, and The Lancet*, and are familiar with their demands. They will review your paper to:

    • Assess overall structure, organization, focus, and the development of scientific argument
    • Examine if discussions and conclusion adequately address your research question
    • Identify sections that are too brief, unnecessarily long, or unfocused
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of supporting materials and supplementary information

    Language Editing and Quality Check (Rounds 2 & 3)

    After your manuscript has been reviewed by our scientific editor, it will go through two additional rounds of editing by native English-speaking subject matter experts. They will review your research manuscript to improve clarity, reduce redundancy, ensure appropriate tone and proper technical usage for your discipline, and enhance the writing to make it crisp and impactful.

    Top Impact Scientific Report

    Your scientific editor will provide a report that examines your manuscript from the perspective of a peer reviewer, including:

    • Summary assessment of the originality and significance of your research
    • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each section, with suggestions for alternative presentations and missing vital information to be supplemented
    • Recommendation for additional content that might be required by peer reviewers, e.g. limitations of the present research or its future applicability, gaps in literature review, methodology, or statistical analysis, protocols, and ethical requirements that need to be specified
    • Journal compatibility check, if the target journal is provided; and additional information that the target journal suggests or demands, e.g.  conflict of interest declaration
    • Comments on the writing quality of your manuscript, explanations of what has been addressed by the editing, and suggestions for substantive revisions that can only be done by the author



    Quality Assurance Check

    This is an optional paid service exclusive to Top Impact Scientific Editing. An expert who has reviewed for high impact factor journals such as Nature*, NEJM*, and The Lancet* will evaluate the quality of your manuscript, including its presentation and rigor of research, and provide detailed recommendations from a peer reviewer’s point of view. This would allow you to pre-empt problems that might arise during journal peer review process, thereby increasing the chance of acceptance and potentially shortening the review period.

    What our peer reviewers from leading journals will do:

    • Objectively and critically check your research paper so that it can withstand the criticism of peer reviewers
    • Review the Top Impact Scientific Report and suggest improvements based on the comments made
    • Offer advice and amendments to improve the quality of your research paper to increase the chances of successful publication in top journals

    After-Sales Services - Top Impact Scientific Editing

    Rejection Shield

    Rejection Shield

    The scientific editor will help you respond to the peer reviewer's comments and prepare your manuscript for resubmission. If you wish to submit to a different journal, we will re-format the manuscript and prepare a new cover letter. You may use this service for unlimited times within 365 days after delivery.

    The Enago Promise

    The Enago Promise

    We guarantee that a manuscript we edit will never be rejected due to poor language quality. Our stringent processes, experts, and in-house quality management system help us in delivering this promise to our authors. On a rare occasion if rejection occurs, we will re-editing your paper at no additional cost.

    Expert Q&A

    Expert Q&A

    You can ask your editors any questions regarding their comments or editing choices, and respond to their questions in the notations or report. Editors will modify the manuscript when necessary according to your clarifications. You may ask as many questions as many times as you wish for 365 days after the delivery of Top Impact Scientific Editing service. 

    Top Impact Scientific Editing Service Process

    STEP 1

    Author shares the manuscript, references, and the target journal.

    STEP 2

    The Scientific Editor will revise your manuscript for optimal research presentation, technical accuracy in terminology, coherence, and content structure.

    STEP 3

    The editor reviews the manuscript for substantive content, technical accuracy, coherence, and organization.

    STEP 4

    Another two native English-speaking editors from your research field will edit your paper to enhance flow and concision, and format it according to the requirements of your target journal.

    STEP 5

    The Scientific Editor  will prepare a detailed report from the perspective of journal reviewers to identify problems and suggest improvements.

    STEP 6

    Your editor will write a customized cover letter that highlight the significance of your research.

    STEP 7

    A peer reviewer with experience working with high Impact Factor journals such as Nature,* NEJM,* and The Lancet.* will review your paper for content strength and research rigor.

    Pricing and Delivery

    ServiceTop Impact Scientific Editing + ReviewQuality Assurance (QA)
    Delivery OptionStandardExpressStandardExpress
    Price$0.2 USD/Word$0.3 USD/Word$0.14 USD/Word$0.18 USD/Word
    Turnaround Time6 business days4 business days10 business days7 business days
    • The price table above is for a manuscript with fewer than 3,500 words. If you have a manuscript with more than 3,500 words, please fill the quotation form in order to get a customized quote.
    • Flat 20% off on manuscript above 3750 words (for the standard 6-day delivery) and 2000 words (for the express 4-day delivery).
    • Flat 15% off on your first order of Top Impact Scientific Editing service.


    What is the background of your Scientific Editors and Quality Assurance reviewers+

    Our Scientific Editors and Quality Assurance reviewers are working researchers with experiences in editing or reviewing for high Impact Factor journals. They are well-versed in the requirements of such journals and could best advise you from the point of view of journal editors and reviewers.

    Do you guarantee successful acceptance of my manuscript to my target journal? +

    We cannot guarantee journal acceptance. Journal review is autonomous and is not subject to any third party influence and the decision largely depends on the merit of your research. However, we do guarantee that our Top Impact Scientific Editing expert editors will make every effort to strengthen your manuscript and give it the best chances of successful publication.

    What is the difference between Enago’s Copyediting, Substantive Editing, and Top Impact Scientific Editing services?+

    We provide three editing services to suit different author expectations:

    • Copyediting – Manuscripts are put through a meticulous language check to correct all language, grammar, and punctuation errors. It is suitable for manuscripts that only require a final language editing.
    • Substantive Editing – On top of copyediting, this service improves the logical, structural, and presentation aspects of your manuscript. It is recommended for authors seeking to publish their research in SCI journals.
    • Top Impact Scientific Editing – This service is designed to meet the requirements of high IF journals. It comprises developmental editing by editors who have with journals such as Nature,* NEJM,* and Lancet;*a mock peer review, a plagiarism check, and an optional Quality Assurance Check.