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Eliminate Plagiarism and Grammar Errors in One Go!

Enago Plagiarism Checker

Partnered with Turnitin, we use the most sophisticated algorithms to detect plagiarism against 91+ billion current and archived web pages.

We also provide a Scholarly Articles check that allows easy comparison against 82+ million open-access and paid scholarly articles from 1,700+ publishers.

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Enago AI Grammar Checker

Enago AI Grammar Checker checks your writing for complex grammar errors, scientific spellings, and formal tone. It also suggests language enhancements that improve your writing quality.

Our Power Editing check gives up to 40% more suggestions with a 92% accuracy for better structure, clarity, readability, and impact.

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Key Features

Checks Against Paid Publications & Internet Sources

icon Identifies Top Matching Sources

Lists down the top matching sources along with the match percentage.

For a matched source, the Report highlights the exact matched text.

Detects and flags hidden text and suspicious characters in a document.

Provides flexibility to exclude chosen sections in a document from the scope of check.

Gives multiple options to seamlessly share your Report.

paid publications
paid publications
paid publications
Checks Against Internet Sources & Detects AI-generated Content

icon Identifies Top Matching Sources

Lists down the top matching sources along with the match percentage.

For a matched source, the Report highlights the exact matched text.

Detects and flags hidden text and suspicious characters in a document.

Detects and flags hidden text and suspicious characters in a document.

paid publications
paid publications
paid publications

The Largest Database
Trusted by 1700+ Publishers Worldwide

The Enago Plagiarism Checker leverages Turnitin's expansive database and algorithms used by 1700+ top publishers & peer reviewers worldwide as part of their manuscript screening and peer review process.

Access the best text similarity detection algorithms, and protect your content's integrity and credibility.

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Paid vs. Free Plagiarism Checkers

Parameters Enago Plagiarism Checker Free Plagiarism Checkers
Accuracy and Reliability of Results High Low
Updated Database Updated daily Updated periodically
Database Size Internet Webpages Billions of current & archived webpages Limited database size, mostly current internet webpages
Paid Scholarly Articles Includes all open access and
paid scholarly articles
Do not include paid articles because of high license costs
Security Completely safe & secure Not secure
Data Saving Does not save your content May save your content

Frequently Asked Questions

Plagiarism Check

We use the most sophisticated algorithms and the most exhaustive databases of Internet content, open access and paid research from all major scientific disciplines, to deliver the most precise plagiarism detection results all in partnership with Turnitin.
To help you choose easily, we have created a Recommender that helps you decide the right check based on your needs.
The plagiarism report viewer can automatically detect references and exclude them from the check. All you need to do is enable this in the report viewer. You will find this option in the settings menu of the plagiarism report viewer.

Grammar Check

Enago AI Grammar Checker uses the latest AI technology. The AI models use papers written by experts in each field to understand the best writing styles. Combined with the knowledge of English grammar and expert writing styles, the AI models assess your writing for errors and improvements and provide useful suggestions.
Track changes is a built-in feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to keep a track of your changes in the document and see them easily when you want to review your changes. You can then easily choose to "accept" or "reject" a change after carefully reviewing them. You can turn it on or off from the “Review” menu of Microsoft Word.
To finalize your tracked changes file, open the file in Microsoft Word and go to Tracking on the Review tab, and select All Markup from the dropdown. You will see deletions marked with a strikethrough and additions marked with an underline (typically). You can click on “Accept” to accept a change or “Reject” to reject a change and revert to the original text. Please refer to this article on the Microsoft Word’s support center for more details.
Power Editing uses our best AI models to provide you with the best contextual suggestions and up to 40% more improvements. Use Power Editing for all your writing when you are not sure that you only need a basic grammar check. You can also use the Recommender to find out whether you should.
Enago AI Grammar Checker adds a summary of revisions in a table at the end of your edited file to help you quickly understand the type of corrections made across 36 language error categories.


As soon as your plagiarism check report and AI grammar corrected file are ready, you will receive an email from with links to view and download them.
The Enago Plagiarism Checker takes about 5 to 10 minutes to generate your plagiarism report and Enago AI Grammer Checker takes about 5 minutes to edit your file for language. For files with a high word count, it may take slightly longer. You will receive an email with the link to view and download your report and edited file as soon as they are ready.
All your data (files and your personal information) are transmitted over the internet over 256-bit encrypted channels. They are also stored on our secure, private servers to ensure data safety. Your data is never shared with any third party and is processed securely to provide you with the service.
The reports are accessible for 7 days from the time they are generated and emailed to you. This is to ensure security of your data. You can always download the PDF version of the plagiarism report and the tracked changes MS Word file on your computer for later use.
Some files that are heavy (lot of images and very high word count) may take more time to process. We recommend you wait for at least 30 minutes. Please also check your Junk/Spam folder and/or if you have used your university/organization email id, then ensure that the firewall allows emails from to be delivered to your email id. If you still face any issues, please email us with the transaction id at and our team will get back to you soon.
This actually depends on the services you have chosen and the databases that your university compares your document with. The Enago Plagiarism Checker report covers a huge repository of internet webpages and published scholarly articles and as such, should be similar to the report your supervisor will see. However, your university may have access to private university databases that Enago Plagiarism Checker (or any other plagiarism checker) does not have access to and hence cannot compare with.
Enago Plagiarism Checker works with over 20 languages. However, Enago AI Grammar Checker works only with English (US/UK) content. Hence, if you upload a file in a language other than English, then the report will be generated only for the plagiarism check.
Yes, you can check your documents as many times as needed. However, each check is a separate order and will be charged separately as per the checks selected.
Please email us your queries or concerns at