PhD Entomology
    37 + YearsCanada


    This editor has 37 years of experience in editing and peer reviewing for journals such as the Journal of Applied Entomology, Environmental Entomology, and the Canadian Entomologist. He is a member of Entomological Society of America and Entomological society of British Columbia.

    Areas of expertise

    Entomology, Plant pathology, Ecology, Virology, Molecular biology, Biological control, Arachnology and Weed sciences


    PhD Entomology

    Publication experience

    Can. Agric., Proc. Knapweed Symposium, Can. Agric. Insect Pest Rev., Canadex, Naturalist

    Work experience

    Research Officer, Agriculture Canada Research
    Research Scientist, Agriculture Canada Research

    Affiliations / Memberships

    Entomological Society of America
    Entomological society of British Columbia