Research Impact Services

    Create a global impact with your research

    Our team of subject-matter experts, illustrators, and designers will help you communicate the purpose of your research in innovative yet effective ways to connect with your key audiences. Our specialized services will assist you in creating a wider reach for your research!

    Videos & Graphics

    We design eye-catching and easy-to-understand images, graphics, and videos that will help you communicate the purpose of your research more effectively.
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    Posters and

    We summarize your research into a striking poster and create an attractive PPT on your research study that will impress your audience at conferences, conventions, and events during the research presentation.
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    We ensure your research gets the recognition it deserves by generating engaging textual content for research promotion via news outlets or social media.
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    Illustrations, Videos and Graphics

    The use of attractive designs, colors, shapes, images, effects, etc., in research work, attracts the audiences' attention. Our creative designers will create visually appealing artwork such as illustrations, videos, and graphics that are needed to make your research more impactful while our highly qualified subject-matter experts will ensure that the artwork and videos correctly demonstrate your study.

    A video presentation of your research is one of the most effective ways to reach a larger audience and get more citations.

    Key features

    • HD animations and subtitles
    • Promotion (paid option)
    • 5-step process model
    • Soundtrack

    More details
    Your research abstract will be presented in the form of a 1-3 minute, high-definition, immersive video, developed by a team of a subject-matter expert, a skilled animator, an experienced voice recorder, and a video editor. The video abstract will include attractive images, animations, soundtrack, clear audio, subtitles, etc. In addition, you may opt to have the video abstract promoted on Enago academy and our social media channels like YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare, and Vimeo.

    Scientific illustrations demonstrate the concepts of your research through an amalgamation of science and art and help you reach a broader audience, not only limited to researchers or scientists.

    • Aesthetically and scientifically sound scientific illustration
    • Streamlined process of SME/author intervention
    • A figure caption or legend

    More details
    We will assist you in planning and creating an aesthetically and scientifically sound scientific illustration by assigning two experts, one each from science and art. In addition, we will provide a figure caption of 50-75 words or as specified to describe the scientific illustration. Our subject-matter expert will draft a sketch based on the purpose of your research. You can opt for line art, 2D, 3D, etc., and our illustrator will use state-of-the-art tools and interesting color combinations to revamp the sketch into an attractive scientific illustration. In addition, we will share a report entailing the creation's outline, and its resolution and format details.

    Top publishers such as Nature, Springer, Elsevier, ACS, etc., have started featuring an attractive illustration as cover art on their journal issues, to visually represent your research. It helps journals attain higher visibility, which in turn makes your research more visible and impactful.

    • Sophisticated and eye-catching illustration
    • A 30 to 35 word summary for impact statement, if needed

    More details
    We will help you prepare the cover art in line with the journal guidelines. You can provide a basic sketch that will be further developed by a suitable subject-matter expert based on your research. The artwork will be created using state-of-the-art tools and attractive color combinations. In addition, you may opt for Tweetable Abstracts that you can share across multiple social media platforms or Submission Assistance, where our journal submission expert will assist you with the submission of the cover art to the journal, as paid add-ons to this service.

    Infographics are used to visually represent the research data, charts, tables, graphs, figures, etc., that can easily be understood by the audience.

    • Insightful and attractive infographics
    • Streamlined process of SME/author intervention

    More details
    A team of a subject-matter expert and a graphic designer will create informative and attractive infographics. The expert will curate the content from your research, and the graphic designer will make it aesthetically appealing as per the journal's or the target website's format. In addition, we will share a report entailing the creation's outline, and its resolution and format details. The infographic can be used in posters and shared on social media platforms for better research promotion.


    Your research becomes more impactful when you present the data in the form of appealing images that give a quick overview of your research.

    • Visual representation using cutting-edge tools
    • High resolution graphical abstract file
    • Graphical Illustrate report

    More details
    We develop a computer-aided 2D graphical representation of your research using tools such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Our subject-matter expert and an experienced graphic designer will work together to customize your graphical abstract as per your specifications and in tune with the journal guidelines. You can choose the Complete Graphical Illustrate service, where we will conceptualize, sketch, design, and fine-tune the critical data of your research for a creative graphical representation. You may also opt for the Smart Graphical Illustrate service, where we transform a rough sketch into a graphical representation, ensuring complete clarity and accuracy of the concepts.

    Posters and Presentations

    It is imperative to present your research to the audience in a way that evokes their interest and attracts them towards reading and citing it. The use of gripping posters and PowerPoint presentations will help you showcase the aim of your study easily and efficiently.

    You can exhibit your research findings with posters that communicate the purpose of your research concisely and attractively.

    • Accurate summarization by a subject-matter expert
    • Visually striking poster with innovative designs
    • Customization as per university or organization color schemes

    More details
    Our manuscript reviewers with specialized knowledge in your field of study will review your research to understand its purpose, based on which we will prepare an eye-catching and informative poster that includes tables, charts, images, and/or graphical abstracts that you provide us with. This service is best suited for early-career researchers and students to promote or showcase their research work at the university, conferences, and exhibitions. Corporates can use this service to announce the launch of their new product or present their R&D portfolio at conferences.

    An interactive and engaging presentation of your research at conferences, conventions, and exhibitions will help you publicize it and stimulate discussion.

    • Engaging and accessible content
    • Interactive and easily shareable slide deck
    • Learn from experts' advice (paid option)
    • Share it on LinkedIn with a promotional toolkit (paid option)

    More details
    We assign experts with specialized knowledge in your field of study to review your published manuscript for understanding the purpose of your research, based on which an engaging and informative presentation will be prepared. Once you provide us with the final version of your research content along with figures, tables, charts, images, etc., we will create an interesting and accessible presentation. We ensure that the presentation layout is formatted as per the conference style or guidelines. You may also opt for a 60-minute practice session with Enago to perfect your presentation skills as a paid add-on to this service.

    Research Promotion

    The time and efforts you put in your publication journey ─ from researching writing to submission ─ comes to fruition only when your research reaches the right audience and earns the recognition you deserve. Therefore, we will broaden the scope of your research for better reach and boost the citation count invariably with our robust research promotion strategies.

    The right media coverage will do wonders for your research. It is one of the most effective ways to expand the reach and accrue citations.

    • Shareable abstracts
    • Highlighting unique aspects of the research
    • Review by a native English language expert
    • A media-ready press release

    More details
    We will present your research as a scientific news report of approximately 800 words in a readily sharable format for social media platforms. This service is ideal for researchers who want to promote their work to the general public and improve their chances of securing funding, by promoting their research in international newspapers, magazines, blogs, and conferences. It also benefits the publishers who want to promote the research on their websites, and universities that intend to disseminate scholarly knowledge.


    We will condense your research into a short but informative summary to help you attain maximum readership.

    Research abridgment in a jargon-free language
    Simplified text for the general public and professionals.
    More details
    We will convert a technical document into a simple abstract of approximately 200 words that is easy to understand by the general audience as well as the subject area experts. The abstract will highlight all the essential aspects of your research in simple English. This service is best suited for researchers who want to increase readership, new authors who are keen to make their research impactful, and publishers who want to achieve more citation metrics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I purchase the Research Impact services only once my paper is accepted by a journal?+

    While many researchers choose to publicize their manuscripts only once the research is published by the journal, we recommend you to start these services once you have received preliminary acceptance and your manuscript is under production process with the journal. This way, most of your promotional material will be ready in time for the actual online publication.

    How is Journal Cover Art different from Graphical Abstract?+

    A graphical abstract typically depicts the overall scheme of the research and its highlights and is intended to provide a brief summary of the research. Meanwhile, Journal Cover Art is designed as a stylistic composition of a single element from the research. It is meant to be an eye-catching graphic somewhat relevant to the research rather than a graphical summary.

    Will the copyright of the delivered visual material, be it video, abstract or cover art etc. fully belong to me? Is it a complete buyout of the design data, and I can use it in whichever occasion in future I want to, not only for the promotion purpose tha+

    We will transfer all copyrights to you upon delivery. If there is any copyrighted element that we have purchased for use in the video or graphics, we will also provide this information to you in the report so that you can include appropriate citations during future use. You may use the materials in the future as you wish; however, with each posting, we would request you to ensure that the copyright is retained with you and not handed over to the promotional site.

    What information is typically needed from authors for these services?+

    We request you to provide the full text of the manuscript along with any figures and tables that will help our experts understand the content of the research. If you are also decided on where to publish the promotional material or present your poster/research, please provide these details. Lastly, if you have requirements for the visual presentation (such as reference styles, layouts, color schemes, 2D-3D graphics, etc.), also include these details when inquiring for the service.

    Can I get my promotional material translated?+

    We can surely provide translation support at an additional fee. Do send us your requirements during the inquiry form to receive further details about the fee and deadline or alternative, please email us at

    There are a couple of changes in my presentation/poster. Can you re-work?+

    We will provide 2 rounds of minor revisions within 30 days from the delivery of the presentation/poster. If major changes are required, additional fee may be application depending on the rework required.