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    Enago's Journal Publication Support Services, your paper is in safe hands!

    Make your publishing journey more smooth and easy by choosing the high-quality English editing and publication support services you need. From Journal Selection to Journal Submission, we offer assistance at every step. 

    English editing and proofreading of the papers by two subject experts from Enago will help to significantly improve the quality of the papers and the success rate of submission. In addition to English editing services, we provide various professional assistance for the needs of the paper submission process, so that you can easily and smoothly submit your manuscript in a shorter time.

    Journal Selection

    Subject experts will recommend 3-5 target journals suitable for submission according to the research direction of your paper and the degree of suitability for publication.

    Pre-submission Peer Review

    Get feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of your manuscript from a subject expert.

    Artwork Editing and Formatting

    We edit the figures and table, and format the manuscript according to the standards of the journal.

    Substantive Editing

    In addition to polishing the language of the manuscript, two experienced editors can also improve the logical structure of the article and the expression of research results.

    Plagiarism Check

    Our Plagiarism Check, developed by iThenticate, the largest database of manuscripts and publications in journals in the world, accurately analyzes your manuscript in search of plagiarized content

    Journal Submission Assistance

    We will make the submission process easier for you as we take care of everything from complicated formatting and submission instructions to urgent deadlines.

    Two English editing and proofreading of the papers by two subject experts from Enago will help to significantly improve the quality of the papers and the success rate of submission. In addition, we provide various professional assistance for the needs of the paper submission process, so that you can easily and smoothly submit your manuscript in a shorter time.

    Resubmission support

    Get help completing complex formalities of the submission process for your revised manuscript to the same journal.

    Artwork Re-work

    Unlimited artwork editing for the same journal within 365 days.

    Rejected Paper Editing

    Our Publication Support offers a tailored editing service to help you with research paper revision, manuscript re-submission, or responding to reviewer comments.

    Meet our Experts

    Our experts have experience working with the top academic international journals. They will review the structure and language of the manuscript and improve its overall quality for the best chances of publication.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the impact factor the main standard to be considered while choosing a target journal?+

    Impact factor is only one of the measures you should take into consideration while selecting a suitable journal. Other factors like journal’s aim and scope match with your research topic, novelty of the study, frequency of publication, journal coverage (indexed in well-known databases like Scopus, SCI, SCIE, SSCI etc.) are also prominent factors while choosing a target journal.

    Is the first journal recommended by the Journal Selection Service the best journal for my thesis?+

    The 3-5 journals we recommend are suitable for submitting your manuscript. However, we suggest you choose the first two journals under the "Most Promising" category selected by experts for a higher publication chance. You can choose the journals under the "Normal" category as per the degree of relevance to your manuscript by reading the expert's opinions below. Accordingly, you can select one of the five recommended journals for the submission of your manuscript.

    Are influencing factors the main criteria to consider when choosing a target journal?+

    Influencing factors are one of the measures to consider when selecting the right journal. The journal's goals, alignment with the research topic, the novelty of the research, frequency of publication, journal coverage (indexed in well-known databases such as Scopus, SCI, SCIE, SSCI, etc.) are also the major factors to consider when choosing a target journal.

    What fee do I have to pay to the journal and are these included in your Submission service?+

    The fee paid to the journal is known as Article Processing Charge and it is not included in the package / Service fee.

    Can I upload a LaTex file?+

    Yes. You can share a LaTex file along with the same text in the PDF format. Please note that during the editing service, our editors will recommend the changes in the PDF file and will not be able to implement the changes in the LaTex files directly.

    Do we use Artificial Intelligence to suggest suitable journals in the Journal Selection Assistant / PR / Top Impact Editing service?+

    No. AI may not fully understand the nuances of a manuscript's content or the subtle differences between journals and hence, subject matter experts perform the job. 

    If I choose FSP, can I opt for PR service first and JSA later?+

    Yes, in case you have a chosen journal, you can proceed with PR service and in an unfortunate case of rejection, you can choose to opt for Journal Selection Assistance service later.

    Does FSP include drafting an abstract for my paper?+

    No it’s a separate paid service.

    I have a thesis. Can you assist me with only editing and formatting of the thesis as per my university guidelines?+

    Yes. Please visit to check out our professional thesis editing services.

    If needed will your experts assist me with drafting the Response to Reviewer's comments in case of revisions received. +

    Yes, we can assist you under our premium service Developmental Content Writing.

    Is a Running title/Running head/Short Title necessary for manuscript submission?+

    Whether a running title, running head, or short title is necessary for manuscript submission depends on the specific guidelines of the journal or publication to which you are submitting your manuscript. Different journals have their own formatting and style requirements, and these can vary widely.

    Should the account on the submission system be registered in the name of the corresponding author?+

    Usually yes, the corresponding author's name should be on the submission system account. They handle communication, manage submissions, and interact with reviewers. Guidelines may vary, so follow the journal or conference instructions for a seamless process.

    How can I apply for After Sales service via MyPage?+

    In order to apply for “ After Sales service, ” we request you to follow the below instructions kindly:
    1.     Visit your “MyPage” account
    2.     On top of your MyPage, you can see “After sales service”. Kindly click on that.
    3.     Select the assignment number for which you wish to apply After-sales service.
    4.     Kindly choose After Sales service and send your files accordingly.

    I want to opt for FSP but have a preferred journal. Will your experts check the suitability?+

    Yes. You can share the journals which you prefer and our experts can comment on the suitability of the journal.