Choose only the best editors to work on your manuscript

    VIP editors are the most experienced language & publication experts from our global pool of 2000+ editors. They have been consistently rated at the top for their quality focus & subject area expertise.
    With the VIP Editor Pack, you benefit from their insightful tips and perfect grasp of author’s intent. Let the best in the business help make your paper publication-ready.


    What do you get with the VIP Editor Pack?


    Publication Experts

    • Most experienced & consistently highest-rated experts from the industry
    • Language & Publication experts with subject area specialization
    • Quality over quantity as fewer assignments are allocated

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    Free AI Report
    worth USD 50

    • Ensures your manuscript follows all journal-mandated ethical compliances
    • Technical compliance checklist that ensures readiness for editorial processing
    • Suggestions of revisions in each section to increase publication-readiness

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    VIP Editor Sample

    • Exclusive suggestions by our VIP editors to enhance your manuscript's quality
    • Summarization of the strengths, areas of improvement, & publication-readiness
    • Detailed analysis of the rationale behind the revisions made by the editor.

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    Meet our VIP Editors

    Take a look at our VIP Editors with unmatched expertise and experience.

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    3 In 5 Authors who opted for the VIP editor pack

    got published in SCI journals


    Our Second Editor Feedback

    Every manuscript we receive is edited by at least two expert editors. Let's see what the second editor says about the VIP Editor's work.

    VIP Editors’ Editing Samples

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    Sample VIP Editors' Report

    The VIP Editors will summarize their suggestions and comments under the following categories: “strengths of the paper,” “areas of improvement,” and “publication readiness.” This helps in assessing your paper and helps you improve your academic writing. These comments also clarify the reasons for the editor’s revisions.


    Sample AI Generated Report Free (Worth $50)

    You will receive an Artificial Intelligence (AI) report with details on any issues noted in the various sections and with suggestions for enhancements. The learnings gained from this report will be of useful when drafting future research manuscripts.  It also recommends ways to ensure successful publication.

    How to use the VIP Editor pack?

    The VIP Editor Pack can be availed as an add-on with our Copy Editing & Substantive Editing Services. You can simply opt for this service when placing your order (as shown in the image).


    (Select "VIP Editor Pack" in the Add-ons section while placing your order)

    Our Pricing

    Our pricing for the VIP Editor add-on is transparent and depends on the total word count. By opting for this service, you can expect an upgrade on the overall quality of your manuscript, increasing publication-readiness.

    Number of wordsFlat Rate(USD)
    Upto 3000$50
    3001 - 6000$75
    6001 - 10000$90

    Note :- An additional charge of $10 (USD) for every 1000 words added above 10000 words


    What services does the VIP Editor Pack cover?+

    It will be available under Enago's Copy Editing and Substantive Editing services. 

    Is there any difference between After Sales service for normal assignments and VIP Editor assignments?+

    There is no difference in the After-Sales service. The same terms and conditions apply to both scenarios.

    Is the delivery date for VIP Editor assignments different from those for other services?+

    No. The delivery date is the same as that for other services.

    How much does the VIP Editor Pack cost?+

    Please click here to check pricing for the VIP Editor pack.

    Can you share VIP Editor profiles with me?+

    We request you to refer to the profiles posted on our website. We do not share editor profiles via private correspondence.

    What if the AI report cannot be generated because of incorrect structuring of the manuscript?+

    The AI Report is an additional offering under the VIP Editor Pack. If, for any reason, the AI report cannot be generated but a VIP Editor has started working on your manuscript, the additional fee will not be refunded.

    What if a VIP Editor is not available after I have placed my order?+

    If a VIP Editor cannot be appointed due to reasons such as unavailability of the editor, the additional fee for the pack will be refunded. Our client servicing team will contact you in such a case, and once we receive confirmation from you, we will process the manuscript under your selected service without a VIP Editor.